What is VoyageUp?

VoyageUp is a platform to discover people, businesses and online content around you. It is available on both iOS and Android. VoyageUp helps you make real world connections.

You can network with people, catch up for a meal or a drink or just hangout. You can also use VoyageUp to ask for help or provide help to others

VoyageUp also has Communities which is a very powerful way for people to connect and interact with each other.


How does VoyageUp work?

Download the app and sign in using Facebook or LinkedIn. The People Tab will show you 2 circles of users:

1> VoyageUp users logged on to the same Wi-Fi as you

2> VoyageUp users in a small radius around you.

You can chat with these users and subsequently meet them. The main focus of the App is to help you form real world connections

The communities tab shows you the various existing communities and the communities you have joined


How does helping each other work ?

You can go to your profile page and add what help you need. Other user will then see the Help icon near your name in the People tab. Those willing/capable to help you out can reach out to you. Alternatively, you can see what help other users need and you can reach out to them.

Fundamentally people like helping each other but are hesitant to reach out to ask for help or help someone out. VoyageUp aims to make that process easier.


How does it help me meet people with similar interests?

The user profile page gives you a lot of information about the other users. It shows you their work related skills which may be useful when you want to network with people at a conference, event etc. It also showcases whether they want to catch up with someone for a drink, coffee or a meal.

Another interesting component is Activities – You can let people know if you want to meet for a drink, meal or find a tennis partner etc.

This could be an easy way to make new friends when you are traveling, when you are out and about in your city or when you are new in town.


How do VoyageUp Communities work?

VoyageUp already has some communities setup by the VoyageUp team or by the users. You can go and join a community and start interacting with other users there. When creating a community the user can decide if they want to restrict it to some age bracket or gender. The communities create opportunities for friendship, learning and support

Remember VoyageUp is not a swipe right / swipe left app – this is a discovery platform when you want to have a real connection with someone. The app helps you discover someone and we hope it will make it easier for you to walk over to the other person and interact.


Which markets is the app available for ?

VoyageUp is available globally on iOS and Android in the following languages - English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, French, Japanese and Polish.